notion espace et echange anglais oral problematique

What major technological/scientific breakthroughs have been made in the last decades and how have they changed our lives?
Mais bon je ne suis pas sur que ce paragraphe sur "The American dream" soit bon car il ne parle pas vraiment d'espaces spaces et d'échanges exchanges non?
To what extent does travelling to a foreign country broaden our horizons?
How does this reflect our society today?
Why are myths and heroes so important to our society?In what way does sport have the power to unite people in a way that little else can?What attracts immigrants to live in the USA?Why are sports heroes so important in todays society?«Whoever controls the media controls the mind (Jim Morrison how much power do the media have over us?The different cultural, economic, sociological and language interactions have shaped and characterised our modern-day world.

Interactions and exchanges across the borders have become easier and faster.
Sorrow went rampant in Europe.
To what extent did Rosa Parks/ Martin Luther King/Malcolm X contribute to the improvement of black Americans rights?Je vais mettre à jour larticle régulièrement comme toujours sur le blog nhésitez pas à proposer dautres problématiques dans la partie «commentaires» ça pourrait toujours inspirer les autres!They had to leave their home country and say goodbye to people they loved and would never see again.People immigrated to the USA because they were looking for riches, freedom, religious toleration, a better life and because they were escaping from poverty, political oppression, religious persecution and economic hardship in their own countries.Indeed it is harder for them to integrate and they face discrimination because they dont share a common culture with the USA.The Positive Impact of Immigrants in our Society.What are the different tools used?