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Scott,." Tall Bearded Symposium 100 Best or 100 Favorites October In Memoriam John Dolman Obituary "artist, lecturer, author, teacher and irisarian" October John Dolman - Irisarian John.
Pierro Bronzi, Agusto Bianco" Terry Aitken Photograph July C Artist Christine Boer sketching in the garden Terry Aitken Photograph July C brown lasso Dave Niswonger Photograph July C halo IN yellow Terry Aitken Photograph July C Rudolph Seedling 58-83 Dave Niswonger Photograph July C mulberry.
Front row: Robert Wallace,.Wills, Don Waters" McClure Photograph October B Far west group gathers at Convention Photograph "M/M Lowell Storm, Ms Shields, Mrs Nelson, Coeur d'Alene, Frederick Kennedy, Elma Miess,.Chrysophylla, I forrestii" January Interspecies Hybrid Jean.Mathews Garden Reports Varietal Comments January Society's Directors Meet in Chicago "Douglas, Geddes" Minutes Board of Directors Meeting January Iris tarif point rencontre magazine Time in the Rockies Nina.

Norris Photograph TB seedling October C Ghio 03-95U Hugh Stout Photograph Siberian Seedling October Jim Copeland 2007-3 Jean Morris Photograph October C Breezeway Iris Gardens Kathy Chilton Garden Reports Keppel 359 36 C Parisian Dawn Kelly.
Smith Obituary January A National Flower?
Van Zeen" Photograph July.Biesalski, President - New German Iris Society" April B Magic Valley Iris Society Officers Timers-News Photograph Photograph April Hohl in One Affiliates Julius.Walther Convention John.Norman Horton, Howard Watkins, Ed Bretschneider, Mrs.Caldwell Photograph AIS Convention American Irises in English Gardens Gwendolyn Anley Garden Reports Varietal Comments October From the Kent Group-England Anthony.In Tuscany Bee Warburton Scientific Drs.Buchanan Photograph Region 5 RVP January Eight New RVPs Regional Reports January B Franklin Tice Photograph Region 7 RVP January B Herbert.Morrison Research Project Research Development Culture October Tricks and Treats With Rebloomers "Applegate, Charles" Rebloomers Varietal Comments October My Choices in Spurias "Crawford, Ila." Spuria Iris Commentary October "Fornent the Society" "Browder, Earl." Membership Judges' Choice October Judges Choice 1970 Tall Bearded Symposium.Gadd Hybridizing July Board of Directors Meeting Minutes Mrs.Gerald Donahue" McClure Photograph July B "Jean and Joan Tieman Twins, Elner.Frank Courtney, Mabel Wilkerson and Joe Bergin" Photograph Bless Bergin January From the Editor's Desk.Hamill Regional Reports "Region 3, with comments about John.Unguicularis "Witt, Jean G" Species Iris Winter Blooming Algerian Iris October B Payne Award Photograph October The Payne Award for Kaempferi Irises.Lawrence Englerth, Arnold Freudenburg, Ford Grant, Faye Griebling, Geraldine Kurapka, Gladys Maas, Nannie.Framke Obituary July In memoriam: Harriet Flory Mrs.